What Causes Snoring?


Snoring is caused by various factors, including “the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, a cold, and your weight.”1

The vibration of tissue in the airway as you breathe while in a deep sleep causes the sound we call snoring. The vibration is often the result of “obstructed air movement due to deviations in the septum or a relaxation of tissue.”2

The more narrow the airway, the more forceful airflow becomes, causing tissue vibration to increase, which makes snoring louder.3

Is all snoring the same?

There are two types of snoring: primary snoring and the snoring that accompanies sleep apnea.

Primary snoring is also known as simple snoring. Primary snoring is characterized by loud upper airway breathing sounds during sleep without the occurrence of sleep apnea, or periods when the snorer stops breathing.

If you snore, particularly if you snore regularly and loudly, it is critical to determine if you have sleep apnea4.

Recent studies have shown that all snoring can lead to a greater risk of vascular disease. You can learn more about that from the CBS News Report, Don’t Ignore the Snore.

Almost everyone snores at some time.

While we think of snoring as something men do—particularly older men—the fact is, snoring occurs in all age groups.

According to SleepEducation.com, snoring has been reported in:

  • 10 –12% of children
  • 24% of adult women
  • 40% of adult men

Age, weight, pregnancy, and heredity can cause snoring.

Age increases the likelihood of snoring in both men and women. In addition, men and women who are overweight are more likely to snore, due to increased fatty tissue in the airway.

Lifestyle and personal habits can also cause snoring.

Episodes of snoring are increased by:

  • Excessive drinking of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Some medications

The evidence shows that Brez anti-snoring device works for many people who suffer from primary snoring. And while it’s not a cure, it’s an effective solution that’s nearly invisible to the observer and comfortable to wear.

You can learn more about sleep apnea here, or more about the health risks of snoring in Don’t Ignore the Snore.


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