Find Out Why You Need to Stop Snoring Now

“Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone!

Anthony Burgess, author


Often snoring affects family members or housemates more than it affects the snorer.

Did you know that 70 million people in the U.S. snore?1 Unfortunately snoring affects family members as well—sometimes disturbing sleep for them more than for the snorer.

The fact is snoring causes fitful nights and tired days, and can negatively impact health, productivity, and relationships.

Complications of Snoring

Snoring puts you at greater risk for vascular disease, revealed a new study conducted by a team of researchers at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit.

“Snoring is more than a bedtime annoyance and it shouldn’t be ignored,”  says lead researcher, Robert Deeb, M.D., of Henry Ford Hospital.

According to the study, snoring can lead to serious health consequences such as a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, early dementia, stroke.

Study findings show snoring is a significant risk factor, and can put you at  a greater risk of heart disease than:

  • Smoking
  • High cholesterol
  • Excess body weight

Staff at the Mayo Clinic also noted, “habitual snoring may be more than just a nuisance.” It has long been noted that snoring can result in:2

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Relationship problems
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Greater risk of high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke

Sleep deficit due to snoring can increase the risk of behavior problems in children, and increase the risk of accidents.


An effective snoring remedy overcomes the negative impacts of snoring.

Snoring solutions can bring health,
wealth, and peace of mind.

Why should you find an effective anti-snoring remedy?

The list of negative health impacts is growing–and becoming more serious–as evidence mounts from snoring studies.

Many primary snorers don’t even know they snore. Typically it’s your bedmate that hears you snoring and let’s you know about it—lovingly of course.

Or, it could be someone other than a bedmate is affected: like your housemate, or business-trip roommate, or that great aunt in Florida who generously offered you a place to stay while vacationing.

While avoiding embarrassment may be at the top of your list, there are many worthwhile benefits to sound sleeping.

The following list is compiled from the Franklin Institute3 and the Medical University of South Carolina:

  • Adequate sleep is crucial to proper brain function – no less so than air, water, and food
  • Sleep deprivation diminishes mental performance
  • Regular sleep loss increases the risk for diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Frequent awakenings may lead to irritability or depression
  • A good night’s sleep makes you more alert4
  • Proper sleep has a positive effect on short-term memory5

You’re convinced: It’s time to stop
snoring now!

Problem is, there is no cure for snoring.6

What’s a snorer to do?

  1. Make sure your snoring is not a sign of a more serious health problems, like sleep apnea.
  2. Take a look at these tips to help you stop snoring.
  3. Find a snoring remedy that will stop the snoring!

Luckily, Brez anti-snoring device is clinically proven to stop snoring not caused by sleep apnea.

The evidence shows that Brez works for many people. And while it’s not a cure, it’s an effective solution that’s nearly invisible to the observer and comfortable to wear.


Start your snore-free life today.

“My husband’s snoring was sending me over the edge until I discovered Brez and saved my marriage”

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