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The Only Proven Over-the-Counter Snoring Remedy!


Brez anti-snoring device enables you to breathe better, stop snoring, sleep great, and wake rested.

Brez is the new, clinically proven, anti-snoring device that provides gentle support inside your nasal passages to comfortably lift and open your sinus airway.

The only over-the-counter stop snoring remedy proven to work, Brez Premium Nasal Breathing Aid is adhesive-free, increases airflow up to 40%, relieves nasal congestion, and stops unhealthy primary snoring—the snoring that occurs without sleep apnea.

Best of all, Brez works naturally. 

Made of soft, FDA-approved plastic, Brez is:

  • Drug-free
  • Latex-free
  • Adhesive-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in 3 sizes for a perfect fit
  • Clinically proven to stop primary snoring
  • Nearly invisible when worn
Brez Nasal Insert


The unique patented shape of Brez is made of soft, flexible, neutral-colored, latex-free FDA-approved plastic that fits comfortably and enables you to sleep snore-free. 

Brez relieves congestion and snoring comfortably.

Do you feel stuffy when you go to bed and toss and turn unable to sleep?

Nasal passages constrict at night, which decreases airflow through the sinuses, making it difficult to breathe and sleep. During allergy and cold seasons, nighttime congestion is more pronounced.

Illustration of Brez in nasal passageWhen you sleep, constricted nasal passages make it difficult to breathe and sleep restfully. Nighttime stuffiness also can cause mouth-breathing, which often results in snoring.

Brez anti-snoring device fits comfortably inside your nasal passages and gently lifts and opens your airway naturally. This support from just inside your nose allows you to get up to 40% more airflow in each nostril, which may decrease the need for mouth-breathing.

By opening the sinus airway, Brez prevents or minimizes the vibration of relaxed tissues that cause snoring1 and discretely reduces snoring due to nighttime congestion, allergies, colds, or a deviated septum.

Brez improves sleep quality by reducing snoring.

Clinical studies show Brez improved sleep quality for 88% of the bed partners of snorers--a result of decreased noise from snoring.

Brez was developed through years of research, resulting in an effective stop snoring remedy that comes in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

And it’s easy to use and remove and nearly invisible to wear!

Brez gives your workout a boost, too.

Female athlete taking deep breath.Studies show that Brez increases airflow by up to 40%, enabling body, muscles, and brain cells to re-vitalize.

And, since Brez is worn inside the nose, it can be used discretely while hiking, running, or playing your favorite sport.

No more striped tan lines from external strips!


Don’t wait. Start your snore-free life today! 


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Choose to live snore-free simply and naturally.

“Brez works great. Best thing on the market!”

May 12, 2009 Amazon Reviewer: Ann L


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